Dust to dust

At the beginning of our story, the most ordinary

Secret looks and longing, hidden desires thrown to the moonlight for solace and comfort

The bane of our lifetime together, hoping to be cocooned in you forever

Now a bitter dream dwindling in the dust

Torn apart by circumstances etched in our fate

This desire taken apart by you and I

Because it was born to die.

Known to in the deepest of deeps,

On our blank canvas of dreams


You were the elements.

You were the elements.

as if they fit seamlessly into your existence

As opposed to you fitting into theirs

The moon in your eyes reflecting

The unnatural ultra violet within

Stars, that can only be magical touch

For those in your orbit.

Dark nights like your dark skin

Truly undeniably African within.

Snow for the tears and fears

That numb your soul

Sometimes that makes it hard to go on. But you always find a way back home.

The sun in your gaze

Which brings all that is hidden in me to light.

The sky for your imagination, talents, limits

That will be endless and obsolete.

Wind and rain for your tempestuousness and unpredictabilities

Love in your heart, and dew on your lashes.

As you lay on a bed of dreams and green

At one with your true self, I think two things;

You fascinate me

Make me want to be in your stratosphere

      2. You scare me

Because you found your element in being the elements

But I have not found mine.


           Natozo Karen 28/02/16


This one beauty; ever so unique and precious

Is falling to pieces all around me

It is more than what I feel for you and you for me

More than the forces beyond our control that say we cannot be

More than what I expected it to be

But less than what  is hidden in me, filled in my dreams

This affliction that I know is true

And is not enough anymore.