Reflect; a message from my reflection. (Looking in the mirror)

Look at you!

You’ve gone so easy on yourself that it’s started to show on your body

Look at those love handles! No and no.

Now  I’m gonna tell youthe facts real straight. It’s time to ask yourself these questions.

Go ahead, not that I can care less.

Look at me, and ask me if I am what you expected of yourself

Its been nineteen years down the road and I ask,

Is this who you thought you would be.

Yes, you’ve grown physically, but what about the growth of your mind?

Do you feel you have matured to your age’s limit?

Are you thinking in the way you are meant to be?

Is your physical development a reflection of your mental?

Ask yourself.

Yeah, I guess it is. Kinda.

Hmmm… so for the duration of your life you have suffered;

Disappointments, inadequacy, reality and raw pain.

Do you feel you have handled them well, or shoved them aside?

Have you learned to face problems head on, or ran away?

Have you learned to distinguish between necessities and luxuries?

Priorities and hobbies?

Dreams and goals?

Ambition and greed?

Did you finally understand what it means to grow up?

Not really, but I have time to learn.

But really!

Did you learn to value yourself, chase your happiness?

Live your own life, and not someone else’s dream?

Be brave enough to fight for those in need?

Be courageous enough to speak the truth, even when it hurts?

To put the service of others, and service of self first?

Never forget to thank those who made you who you are, and where you come from?

Value “value” enough to give yourself that much?

Not so much…

So I will tell you this much;

You crave the answer to life and that is it. Be who you believe in and never quit.


Some questions are the answer itself.


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