Me, digressing
You, knowing that you need to give yourself a chance to go on, yet not taking steps to
Me, knowing that I need to give myself a chance to go on, yet afraid to let you go
You, not really letting me go either, warping me in obscurity and insecurity
Me, letting you,
You, locked in yourself, in a vicious cycle of destruction
Me, a willing prisoner in it with you.

You, pushing me away, because we’re more than just a pair of unrequited souls with shattered spirits
Me, gifted with that knowledge and none the wisdom to do just that
We, both fumbling in the dark circle to pick the pieces, afraid to pick the wrong ones to piece it back together
You, worried that the pieces from me would fit just right
Me, worried that they would fit too perfect
You, the broken and incomplete puzzle in the world’s jigsaw.

Me, aware of an anomaly in our embrace
You, aware of an anomaly in our embrace
Me, curious
You, wary
We, a dark cycle of sentiments and anomalies unexpressed and equally balanced on a scale that will no doubt tip with but a push
And so the anticipation bears a brunt of it’s own
Me, a hot-headed electrically charged force
You, an exhaustive source of troubles
The field, a fair ground of neutrality
The battle, held in suspension due to otherwise occupation.
Our status, yet to be clearly defined.


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