The bits of you that are black and white

The bits of you that are black,
The ones that told to run and never look back
Hurt because you’ve been hurt
Deny anyone the chance to be close to you
Closet yourself, your mind, go wild
Speak to hurt, never put in any work
Expect the world from your efforts of nothingness
Dream but never desire to achieve
Listen to the voice that says
“You’ll never be the person of your dreams”
“You’ll never meet the person of your dreams”
“You’re only as deep as a puddle of water”
“And the mind you value so much is worth dust”
The bits of you that you’re tempted to hear more
The bits that scream into the cracks of your foundation
And crack at your resolution.

The bits of you that are white
In the smile that trembles to be held up and prevails
In the laugh lines around your eyes
In the warmth of your speech
In the knowledge you always teach
In the pain that reflects resilience
In that flicker of light that sometimes catches your eye
The sigh that whispers “you’ll never have to walk alone”
“There are a few that think of you as home”
“you were born to be strong”
“this sadness is yours for as long as you wish it be”
The bits of you that you don’t see
But I do
The bits that you think don’t matter but make you you
The bits that matter more than all the others do.

The bits of black and white that remind me why…
Both half bits that make a full you.